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Prahan Mission

Prahran Mission-UnitingCare is a not-for-profit community services organisation. We are recognised for the quality of our support and responsiveness to community needs in the areas of mental health support, and material aid/emergency food.  We have a client base of about 3000 mainly located in Melbourne’s southeast plus some state-wide services.

In particular, we provide programs for people experiencing mental illness and/or social or economic disadvantage.  Our programs aim to support participants to regain or develop skills to improve their quality of life, according to individual goals.

Our clientele is diverse and we find the needs are significant for both social and material support.  We invite and welcome financial contributions or sponsorship for the following program areas:

•    Mental Health Support – This is an area of growing concern since one in five persons has experience of a mental illness.  We provide coaching and support with setting goals and developing individual plans to facilitate recovery from mental illness for people from all walks of life and all ages.  Aged persons, mothers who have children in their care and hostel residents with a mental illness are also supported through our home-based outreach programs.

•    Art and Creative Programs – activities include The Stables Art Studio, which provides support to artists who have experienced a mental illness; the annual Second Story Art Exhibition assists clientele to exhibit and sell their work; and the Upstart Theatre Project, where participants present their own stories and experiences through workshops and productions; a Music Group also offers tutoring and encouragement to explore musical expression.

•    Research and Training Centre – our Centre undertakes research relating to social support and mental health issues to inform both our work and the wider community; and training is provided to mental health workers Australia-wide in rehabilitation techniques and support services. Education and training in mental health issues are also available to a wider audience including business and general community.

•    Material Aid/Emergency Food – we provide low cost meals, goods and clothing, and food parcels when there are no means to buy food. Donations of clothing, goods and food are welcome.

•    Employment and Vocational Support – supporting people who have experienced mental illness to find and keep work; and providing vocational training pathways to develop job skills.

One of above areas may fit with your plans for giving or community participation and sponsorship.
For further information please contact (03) 9692 9535



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